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Level I - Broomfield, CO


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Level I - Grand Junction, CO


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Level I - Montrose, CO


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 More classes coming soon 

Level I - Grand Junction, CO


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Level II - Grand Junction, CO


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Level I & II Grand Junction, CO


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Course Details


Concealed Carry Level I

This class meets all the training requirements for
Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. (C.R.S 18-12-203)
Level I is designed to jump start your learning, covering the laws in the Revised Statues of Colorado, handgun safety, fundamentals of pistol shooting, marksmanship, handgun carry options, care and selection of a concealable firearm. 


Concealed Carry Level II

 This course is designed for those new to shooting or for those who wish to gain a fundamental understanding of handgun operation and safety. Students will learn how to safely handle a handgun, proper loading and unloading technique, and how to shoot a pistol. The course consists of approx. 1 hour of classroom and 2 hours of range time. Students will get to shoot several types of 22 caliber handguns and receive individual instruction on how to properly and safely shoot a handgun.   


Concealed Carry Level III

Learn to how to safely draw from a holster, shoot around barriers,
move and shoot, and some very important self-defense drills.

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KSAT-5 Firearms Training

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